E-Scooter For Bugatti 

Jan 27th

Jan 31st

Planning for the design process

The process needs to press me to the final work

Thinking about the target users and market

I think the brand of Bugatti is a luxury car company. The customers under the brand like show them a lifestyle, different experience. Some people know the quality of the product.

The first question that why they want to buy luxury staff.

The reason is that they can buy it.

The difference between the other Volkswagen vehicles which sell thousand or million is other people see less on the road, and the exterior is different for a normal vehicle. Why other car did not design a style like Bugatti or like the supercar to sell.

As I think, first is the pries, the simpler shell the more profit can come out. Secondly, the function car that people do not care about the exterior cool or not and how the car looks like. The most significant is when driving the car, the user more concentrates on the road and care the sign mark.

The experience can enhance at (before the driving)

When a user finding his car

When a user has found his car

When a user went into the cat

When a user connects with the car


As same as the users drive before the E-scooter.

Feb 1st

Feb 10th 2020

Went to the visited Bugatti trust

See the Bugatti history and vintage vehicle

The exhibition display Bugatti type 43 and other type

Some parts of gearbox, engine, and crank

The interesting staff is vehicle structure.

Actually, the essential parts are quite simple for the car (engine, gearbox and differential)

Transform to E-scooter that the essential parts are also simple. How to make or improve the ‘experience’ or make more Bugatti did might useful. In my view, in that time at 20th the all vehicle looks like similar and the different is from the technology and the design experience. The car energizes either only make working or looking beautiful.

Feb 26 2020

After the tutorial, I think probably the key word “experience” have a new meaning.

The experience is every people’s life. And design might know the people’s lifestyle and design for that group of people.

To comprehend the lifestyle, I pick out some key words of luxury and look luxury staffs.

The luxuries have more texture and use material which surface have high reflect.

Some massage from the tutorial that the sketch which have more flow line is good but if line is overflow, the form/shape is not like Bugatti style.

Review the Bugatti vehicle style, some is flow and some areas are like engineer.

Therefore, the line when I draw random need pay attention the level.

Back to the Experience, the Experience is thinking of one person that he/she all day life.

in the next day the first is improving my sketch, which a beautiful sketch can persuade many aspects.

12 Mar 2020

Review the brief, it shows some massages.

Learning outcome

1: Research

2: Innovation

3: user experience

4: new/emerging technologies

This means my work must involve these 4 parts.

At the end of course I must have a Research involve   

1: Latest technological & scientific

2: target users (target market)-rich people who is a commuter.

3: Buagtti’s brand values: history, heritage and position.

4: Colour, material and finishes.


The innovation section needs show the innovation methods.

1: innovation methods

2: techniques solution

3: future design


The user experience and stakeholder requirements section needs understand user and thinking experiences which can give the user a unique experience.


Putting new & emerging technologies in the products.

This section can combine innovation part, because using any new technology is one part of innovation. Here reiterate that the section of innovation should involve use new & emerging technologies.


Current I did is some research of material the expensive stuffs (glass, clothes, shoes, buildings, vehicles, texture, wristwatch and the parts of E-scooter).   

Meanwhile, I have drawn some sketch about the scooter structure and form, using a double turning system to control the scooter. Here is new & emerging technology and solve the problem people driving difficult when change direction. This give user who want high efficiency experience.


The next I need to collect more research about user and identify a special group which is commuter.

Use the research of obvious the real lifestyle.

The design method I will making some personas images to identify them life elements.

Review the innovation and identify what innovation method I have used and how solvu the problem in engineering or other parts.

How find new technologies.