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How to improve the quality of life for diabetes withe Type 2?

In the final project, I hope that can express some ideas and ideologies which I learn. Applicate these ideas and ideologies will improve and enhance my abilities, while, might help me connect with my future career. 

Some I want share

The topic of project I choose was because news shows the numbers of diabetes was using a lot of medicine. And I think I maybe can improve or solve the problems.
Before the design and research, I made a Gantt shows my timeline, and I can follower the process. Thinking what mothed, I will use and point out the value.
There are 2 aspects of the value. First, this project might improve patients with diabetes with Type 2. 
Second is I want at the, and of this project, this project was a good material to express the all “design thinking” I think. And the outcome was a complete story with me. The story meant I want to use the research and what people feeling to teal the story.

Start the project

Start the project


How to soluve it 

The Gantt map guides me to move through in the project. From the normal process, I started with a literature review. Knowing what diabetes is, was my first work. I search from the Locate and website. There were more than three Types of diabetes, and there are two main parts, diabetes of Type 2 and diabetes of Type 1.


All over the world, (WHO 2016) 90% of diabetes ware diabetes Type 2.  I want a design for this group of people. It might have potentials.
The figure shows from NHS that people have a high risk to get diabetes whose age is over 45. And I think that China is going to ageing. Then I start to search the age structure of China, and the Chart shows that china is going to ageing. Although, the Chinese word of ageing. I have heard, but I am not aware of what problems will aperea.

age structure in China_页面_1.jpg

The age structure in China

However, this time I find an issue that might happen. Nevertheless, many countries have alloyed went into an ageing century. Ageing was not a problem, and how to give them good quality was important. In Chinese tradition, older people can be supported. Then I continue to search the diabetes age of China. The interest was, the research shows most diabetics age was under 40 years old. This was different with risk level in NHS. Then, I am going to find the reasons. 

Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes among Chinese adults or individuals <40 years of age

age structure in China1.jpg

Forum probably a good place to dig out some consequences. In the current, people have apps WeChat progress and Forum to talk about their condition. From the literature review, people use food, excise and medicine to manage their disease, and they need mental advisement. Thus, I colour out these words in the Forum. Most people talking about food and ask questions. One reason people more like talking about food is that there was no stander to tell them how many and which food they can eat under that situation. And another reason is that most food not consider this group of people with diabetes. Thirdly, people have empty knowledge about food and diabetes. These things now need people to guess and to try.


Dexcom is another glucose sensor. The advantage can upload data to the mobile phone and have an app to show the glucose tendency. While Dexcom has monitor watch can connect with the healthcare system.

SA资源 2@2x.png

I am very happy that I find a problem that former the product “freestyle libre one sensor”. At first, I think this product was perfect and can replace the current glucose meter After I learn more about this product that has some drawback. 
The first was the wear time which wears no more than 14 days also because the price was high. 
The other problem was that this sensor should avoid bump into things and connect sport.

A solution might can improve the sensor that people can wear long term more than 14 days.
And sensor stays on the arm and never be a bump or people can play contact sports.

These products give people more convenience life. Monitoring body condition. The interest things were product function was complete and hard to improve. Some problems  I fund price was high. The sensor might drop off without feeling.
Technologies I fund ware non-invasive monitor. People who avoid pain. The ability I have was not to design a new method or machine that can make the non-invasive come true. The capability I have was thinking service for diabetics to improve their life of quality.


I use the glucose test ket and write down the process I did. This will help me participate in a patient position to help me understand them.


The injection flow chart is similar, but I cannot injection to my self. So I see the NHS video on YouTube and write down the process.


Technology Thinking

When I search tech for support my ideas. I fund that their ware considerable interest ideas already have. This always stops my ideas. I guess no meter the tech is if I saw more I can start on a new point.  So I read related technology and found any I can. The lucky are the tech gave me inspiration, and I thinking about what tech always use, and how to use the newest tech. 
Millimetre-Wave which test blood glucose can use in my project. Additionally, it is a non-invasive tech. Magnetic Data is a useful tech for a charge. According the aim of the design. The feature of the convent is suitable for diabetes user.

magnetic data cable.png

Problems and ability

The problems currently I fund are:

Difficult to manage diabetes
People with diabetes are misunderstood People have empty knowledge with diabetes 
There is no education process for diabetics 
Many foods not prepared for the diabetics 
Patient cost long time in meeting with the doctor 
Lack of intervention

People really want them life without glucose test, medicine, and term check. However, in the management of diabetes, the useful method is always testing the body condition and know what is going on.
Doctors form the body information will know more about the patient condition and make a personality recording and special treat. Here I was thinking what can I do to build their relationship and enhance the relationship. The value for patients as they can have personal care. The value for the doctor can have more effort to them, patients.


My next work will focus on how to build a system, Which helps patients with Type 2 diabetes have a high quality of life.
 To observe the medical system. These days people use delivery service to buy some medical equipment and medicine. 
People diabetes often need check them body condition. The most mothed was blood glucose test.

So the system will combine these three phases. Patients can have detail information to monitor their body condition. Doctor form this information can make a personal treat and advice.
This system will build a benign cycle to enhance the relationship between patients and doctors to improve the patient's life of quality.

SA资源 3@2x.png
SA资源 4@2x.png

According to these sketches, I want to make a clear chart that patient can easy to understand.


The concepts of this relationship system, might incloud, minitor, education, recording and community.

Healthcare system: a treatment system to help diabetics with Type 2

Product: a blood glucose sensor relies on the healthcare system

Software: a mobile application for showing and recording the patient body data
Combing these phease in one system.

The concepts of this relationship system, might incloud, minitor, education, recording and community.

Idea 1

The idea inspires people to inject insulin. People need take off  or lift them choth when injecte insulin. The simple idea was cut a hole on the cloth. Thet can just open the pocket and inject. A convenient way to solve the problem which always takes off or lift them cloth in public.

SA资源 6@2x.png

Idea 2

The inspiration form "freelife libre sensor". User stick the censor should turn the arm back. Some time, user find the stick areas then put the device on that are. And feeling is that correct area.
The solution was improve the process that the sensor can fix convenience. Hand need not turn over the arm still can install the device.
Follow the idea the aim was people can set the cocation on the arm and can easily to control it.

SA资源 7@2x.png

Idea 3

Double needles to inject insulin, another is a sensor to test glucose blood.

SA资源 9@2x.png
SA资源 10@2x.png

A device to control food that the patient eat, such as salt adn sugar. Also the device can transmit the food cost to the smartphone.

SA资源 11@2x.png

A sensor wears on the wrist. It uses NFC to charge power and transmit data.

SA资源 12@2x.png

Develop the idea

SA资源 13@2x.png

Too many ideas make me difficult to choose, I try to put these ideas on the side, And back next week to thinking which idea was still interesting. My ideas were like this map. The first idea and second idea will connect with the third idea. In addition, it will help me to think which idea was better, and to develop it. 
After that, the idea 3 was to develop from idea 1 and idea 2.

SA资源 14@2x.png
SA资源 15@2x.png
SA资源 16@2x.png

The adventage of wear on the arm is that the device is hide in the cloth. throught the shock to interacte. 

SA资源 17@2x.png
SA资源 18@2x.png

The adventage of wear on the arm is that the device is hide in the cloth. throught the shock to interacte. 

SA资源 20@2x.png
SA资源 19@2x.png

Problems I Face

The problem I faced was the shape. Due to the product was to design a wearable device. So I was considering how to design a ship. But how to start is a first problem come out. There are two ideas, function first and shape first. Function first meant that I should first consider the function, like how the technology run and what is the size of the part. And to design a shape. Shape first is on the contrary. 
The correct method I think, was chosen both. Walk two path and compete them to choose the better one.

Another problem is technology use. I found some technologies which are suit for users. The research shows the principle but is not illustrate the machine's size. So how the product big or small was unsure. This gives the design more potential, also give the design more challenge. The mothed I used which choose the important functions and keep them simple. And this was following the design aim I did and might reduce the learning cost.

When I want to design a wearable device to test blood level, the first idea was a watch. Then I found they already have a watch in the market. Even the function was more, then I think. This cut my idea development. Redesign or new design? It was put on my table. I need thinking and finding another way to design. What was better than watch and more suited for users.  

How to soluve it 

I thought back what my design for. also back to saw the design brief to confirm was I went a correct.
Also, I list the order the user needs and compete for the advantage and disadvantage to identify my final concept to develop.

SA资源 22@2x.png
SA资源 21@2x.png

I searched for some design from the website. There are many ideas to design a wearable on the wrist. I suppose to wear on the arm might a good solution.
Firstly, the project aimed to solve the intervention to patients.
And, want to give the patient a 'normal' life. 
Compare with smartwatch, wear on the wrist, wear on the arm and over areas.

The arm was a good position to design a device to wear.
1. follow the technology show the antennas should put side withe skin-blood-skin. 
2. the advantage people wear on the arm is that they can do any activity they want and do not care about the water, although some product is waterproof. Relace the wrist.
3. people wear on the arm is hide in clothes, others can not find. If people wear a T-shirt, the device might appear. So the exterior is important.
4. between the multifunction and simple function. The project will choose slight functions. Glucose level test. Data transmit. 
Actually, the function can be added such as blood oxygen, the beating of heart and more.


I make the model for understanding the true size.  Also, the test can the bend can wear on the arm. The result is yes.

SA资源 24@2x.png
SA资源 25@2x.png
SA资源 23@2x.png
SA资源 27@2x.png


SA资源 28@2x.png
SA资源 29@2x.png

I used Adobe XD to built a dimo to test the work flow. 

SA资源 31@2x.png
SA资源 32@2x.png


SA资源 33@2x.png